Saturday, January 8, 2011

ENT Appointment, where Laila is very 2

"Laila, you're very...2!"

The funny thing is, these words were exactly what I needed to hear from Laila's ENT. Most of the time, Laila is treated like a baby due to her short stature and {unwillingness? inability?} to speak. But yesterday, Laila's refusal to participate in the play audio hearing necessary to evaluate her hearing and the function of her pressure-equalizing tubes was completely age-appropriate.

Umm...good girl, Laila?!

It is nice when doctors recognize that within the tiny body is a little spitfire who has her own likes, dislikes and personality.

So, since Laila was sooo very 2 and because one of her tubes seems to be malfunctioning after only 5 months, she has been referred for an Auditory Brainstem Response test, to be done in the Operating Room so that her airway can be monitored. This test should give us more information as to whether hearing aids will be helpful. (Despite Laila not wanting to participate in the hearing test, she did seem to hear louder tones better, but the overall results were inconclusive, as usual.) At the same time, her ENT will probably put in a new set of PE tubes (3rd set before age three; I think she may be going for some kind of record!!)

Laila was also scoped to determine whether the Zantac/Prevacid combo is making any difference as far as her reflux/laryngeal inflammation is concerned. We never found out, since her doc was so impressed by her need for a steroid nasal spray that we moved onto that discussion and never went back.

But, hopefully the addition of Flonase--which she couldn't take until now, several months after her palate surgery--will help stop the awful HISSING all night long.

We shall see.

One of these days, I will actually write some background info about Laila, but until then, feel free to hang in as the mystery continues...

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